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About UsWho we are

Hunger Relief Africa, a non-profit relief organization whose mission is building hope and nourishing lives through well-coordinated response to hunger, anchored on strategies of feeding, strengthening, leading, and empowering of food insecure vulnerable households in communities, emergencies, and natural disaster situations. With its African headquarters in Kampala, Uganda, the organization is willing to work and partner directly with food-insecure communities in collaboration with governments, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, UN Development bodies, International Civil Society Organizations, National and Local Community Based Organizations, Research Institutions, and national and international Policymakers. Registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee in November 2022, in the process of obtaining its license from NGO registration services Bureau, launched its operations in March 2023. Our target groups are Orphanage Young Children, Young Single Mothers, Pregnant Mothers, People with Special Disabilities and Older Persons above 60 years. Our Areas of Focus are Agriculture, Humanitarian, Health, and Education sectors.

Our Response Hunger Model

We approach our relief sourcing model through domestic donations of up to 50% in physical products and 50% through grant seeking financing and is expected to distribute over 3.5 million dollars of food and groceries yearly.


Community Mobilization:

We are engaging and empowering local communities to become active participants in ensuring their own food production, enhance their access to nutritious food, create sustainable and resilient food systems and responding to disasters hunger related crisis periodically.

Feeding Program:

We are increasing access to nutritious food through food collection, distribution and network capacity by sourcing and distributing over 3.5 million dollars of food and groceries across the country. The management is making an effort to commit to strategic investments to provide more food to those struggling with hunger so that we can continue to meet the growing need once enrolled in the program in the communities.

Strengthening Program:

We focus our strengthening initiatives to Child Hunger to reaching kids at home, afterschool, over weekends and vacations, and in long holidays. We are investing into infrastructure, building the capacity of local network to serve more people and bolstered feeding programs that serve vulnerable populations at high risk of food insecurity. We are contentiously improving our program that allows us to invest in innovative food distribution systems, which estimated to feed 3 million children each year.

Leading Program:

Hunger Relief Africa has positioned itself to raising awareness about hunger and advocate for policies that support food security on behalf of our most vulnerable neighbors and by educating the public about the issue. We encouraging the public to join us through investments in research, advocacy, marketing and communications.


We are empowering and encouraging food and agriculture investment in food affected and marginalized communities in the targeted areas of operations. Programs such as responding to community’s specific needs that bolster agricultural production, enhances local market activity, support micro-enterprise development, empowering communities to utilize urban agriculture as a strategy to increase healthy food access among others.

our mission

To lead in building hope and nourishing lives through coordinated response to hunger in our African communities.

our vision

A hunger free African communities.

goals & objectives

  • To ensure access to enough nutritious food to the families and people we serve.
  • To provide community specific food waste rescue programs that respond to the changing needs of the people we serve.
  • To educate the public through creating awareness about the issues of hunger and support information sharing across public and private sectors.
  • To advocate for policies in local and central government that improve food access for low-income households suffering from hunger to access government food assistance programs
  • To strengthen connections between Food Access Programs and the Healthcare Sector.
  • To support programs of food and agriculture investments in food insecure and marginalized communities to improve food security.
  • Our Core Values

  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Help Other People We Dream to eliminate food insecurity by helping communities and people that don’t have enough food.

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