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Hunger Relief Africa is working with member food distribution networks and agencies to feed more people with fewer resources. In this regards, we invest into infrastructure, building the capacity of local network to serve more people and bolstered feeding programs that serve vulnerable populations at high risk of food insecurity.

Micro Grant Support

Hunger Relief Africa establish as a national food network function to deploy resources where they are needed most and where they will make the biggest impact. We project in the three fiscal years to achieve the set goals of distributing over $ 300,000 dollars in grant to our registered food distribution network members. These grants will be targeted at supporting projects in priorities such as child (orphanage) hunger program, GFAP program, truck acquisition and mobile storeroom food distribution interventions.

Child Hunger & Nutrition Program

Currently, over 61.4 million children in Africa face hunger, a staggering reality echoed by the African Child Policy Forum. Devastatingly, around 28 million of these children experienced stunted growth due to malnutrition. This problem particularly acute in Uganda, which has an estimated 2.4 million stunted children. In essence, nearly one out of every five children are grappling with hunger. As per the IPC Acute malnutrition analysis issued in June 2023, it is expected that over 89,000 children aged between 6-59 months in Karamoja region will suffer from acute malnutrition. The consequences of the chronic malnutrition are deeply disturbing, its not only limits their ability to learn, but also undermines the full expression of their potential. When countries are robbed with significant leadership and innovative potential, it perpetuates a vicious cycle of poverty, suffering and misery. It’s time we take decisive action to change the narrative. Hunger Relief Africa aims to turn the tide against child hunger by designing a program that invests in innovative food distribution systems. This initiative is expected to feed over 3 million children each year, covering kids at home, afterschool, on weekends and vacations, and during long holidays. In addition to providing timely meals, we have integrated our holiday programs into the Food Service program for a more comprehensive approach towards alleviating child hunger and malnutrition. We firmly believe that every child deserves a chance at a healthy life, and through this program, we aim to give them just that. Together, we can break the chains of poverty and create a brighter future for our children, and ultimately our world.

Help Other People We Dream to eliminate food insecurity by helping communities and people that don’t have enough food.

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