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Hunger Relief Africa Embraces Crucial Resolutions from Brazil's G20 Summit and Africa's Agenda 2063

Hunger Relief Africa is a non-profit relief organisation dedicated to addressing food insecurity and hunger crisis across the African communities. Through strategic approaches centred on leadership, community strengthening, and empowerment, the organisation strives to foster sustainable food security and resilience, aligning with global resolutions for a better tomorrow. It further remains steadfast in its commitment to addressing food insecurity by acknowledging the pivotal resolutions highlighted in Brazil's G20 presidency and Africa's Agenda 2063. As Brazil's G20 presidency focuses on critical areas including social inclusion, combating hunger and poverty, energy transition, sustainable development, and global governance reform, Hunger Relief Africa recognizes the profound relevance of these priorities. These resolutions echo the overarching objectives outlined in Africa's Agenda 2063, a transformative framework driving socio-economic progress across the continent. While the emphasis on social inclusion and hunger alleviation by Brazil is part of the broader dialogue, it resonates deeply with Hunger Relief Africa's ongoing efforts. The organisation places importance on ensuring equitable access to nutrition and addressing food insecurity within the framework of broader development goals. Similarly, the shared commitment to sustainable development aligns seamlessly with the organisation's vision for ensuring food security while preserving environmental integrity. Moreover, the collective emphasis on reforming global governance institutions mirrors Hunger Relief Africa's advocacy for enhanced governance in the fight against hunger. This alignment underscores the organisation's commitment to integrating these global resolutions into its strategies for fostering leadership, strengthening communities, and empowering individuals towards sustainable food security. Recognizing these resolutions from Brazil's G20 Presidency and Africa's Agenda 2063 as crucial towards our mission is pivotal. We are dedicated to leveraging these resolutions in our efforts to empower communities, foster leadership, and ensure sustainable food security and hunger free African Communities. Hunger Relief Africa remains resolute in its mission to integrate these global resolutions into its strategies for a hunger free continent. As it acknowledges these crucial resolutions, the organisation reaffirms its commitment to driving impactful change and nurturing resilient hunger free communities across the African continent. For further information, please contact: Ms. Mercy Barbra Atim | Communications, & Partnership Officer | Department of Information and Communication| Hunger Relief Africa | E-mail:


Message from the CEO

I thank the general public, his Excellency the president of Uganda, our partners, the secretariat team, our board members and board of directors and entire staffs for good leadership and stewardship they play and lastly to the almighty God for granting us life, knowledge, wisdom and favor to exist up to date. On behalf of HRA I wish you a happy new year and let us continue joining efforts to keep resilience against Hunger

Hunger Relief Africa - Breaking Ground in Advocacy and Impactful Initiatives to Alleviate Hunger Advocacy Efforts Amplified: A Year of Unwavering Dedication

In a year marked by unwavering dedication, Hunger Relief Africa reflects on impactful initiatives aimed at eradicating hunger, empowering communities, and fostering sustainable change across Northern Uganda. Our advocacy focused on fostering dialogue, raising awareness, and mobilizing support from stakeholders and policymakers has taken a step forward with their latest visionary project.

Under the title "Empowering Women-headed Households and Farmer’s Groups through Commercializing Bio-fortified Maize and Soya Bean Production in Northern Uganda," Hunger Relief Africa embarked on a transformative journey across four districts. Their goal: to bolster the resilience of vulnerable women-headed households and farmer groups by providing improved nutritious food and empowering them through knowledge and capacity building.

Impactful Endeavors:

Throughout the year, Hunger Relief Africa tirelessly strived to empower rural women farmers through extensive training in modern agronomic practices, resource access, and market linkage establishment. Our focus on gender equality and socio-economic upliftment has already begun strengthening the value chains for biofortified crops, ensuring fair access to markets and prices for their produce.

Driving Community Change

The organization’s mission extends beyond providing immediate relief; it’s about enabling communities to thrive sustainably. By addressing multifaceted challenges faced by households headed by women and farmer groups, the initiative aims to unlock their potential as leaders and change agents within their communities.

Unwavering Commitment:

Despite unforeseen circumstances leading to the postponement of a project in Kayunga, Hunger Relief Africa remains resolute in its pursuit of driving food security and reducing hunger crises in Northern Uganda. The organization's commitment to intervention, transformation, and partnership underscores its vision of Hunger-Free African Communities.

Looking Ahead:

As a new year approaches, Hunger Relief Africa calls upon stakeholders, collaborators, and advocates to join hands in amplifying efforts to alleviate hunger and drive sustainable community development. Collaborations, partnerships, and financial assistance will in realizing our collective vision of a Hunger-Free Africa

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