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Projects Empowering Women-headed Households and Farmer’s Groups through Commercializing Bio-fortified Maize and Soya Bean Production in Northern Uganda

Hunger Relief Africa is implementing a project in the four districts of Northern Uganda i.e. Amuru, Omoro, Gulu and Nwoya, entitled “Empowering Women-headed Households and Farmers Groups in Northern Uganda through Commercializing Bio-fortified Maize and Soya Bean Production”. Through this project, Hunger Relief Africa aimed at assisting the vulnerable women-headed households & farmer-groups with the provision of improved nutritious food and capacity building of the farming communities through its hunger relief resilience model. Implementation of Domestic Hunger Model approach tackle the key issues of food insecurity and hunger crisis including disaster risk management in the communities to ensure the sustainability of project interventions. About 1,200 rural women headed households & farmer groups, children, and older persons above 60 years facing food insecurity and hunger crisis from the four districts are benefiting from this project directly and indirectly for the next 12 months (August 2023- July 2024) of its implementation.

Among the key activities of the project is empowerment of women farmers through trainings in modern agronomic practices, resources, and access to markets. in the first phase of its implementation, we are focusing on women-headed households & farmer groups to promote gender equality and enhance their economic and social status in the rural agricultural communities. Additionally, we are making effort to establish a sustainable value chains for bio-fortified crops, thus ensuring that farmers have reliable access to markets and fair prices for their produce through creating linkages with local and regional buyers, processors, and exporters, thus enhancing market participation and income opportunities for women farmers. Furthermore; the project is strengthening the value chain, through creating a thriving market for bio fortified crops and contribute to the economic development of communities of Northern Uganda. By addressing multiple interlinked challenges faced by women-headed households & farmer groups, we shall enable them to realize their full potential as leaders, entrepreneurs, and agents of change within their own communities.

In the course of its implementation for the next 12 months from August 2023 to July 2024, the project would cost UGX 282,543,000M or USD 75,000 that is deemed sufficient to facilitate the service provisions, supply and works contracts related to the provision of agricultural inputs and training of beneficiaries. Moreover, a significant proportion of the cost estimate for technical assistance would fund capacity building of the women-headed household & farmer group activities whereby Hunger Relief Africa’s technical services and consultants would undertake essential training tasks.

We call upon all the stakeholders to join our efforts to intervene and transform our farming communities in Northern Uganda to drive food security and reduce hunger crisis in the region. Partnership, collaborations and financial assistance would help Hunger Relief Africa achieve its Vision of a Hunger Free African Communities.

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